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  • Dec2015


    Entikong located on the island of Borneo and is one of the border areas between Indonesia and Malaysia. Radio is one of the information centers for the public. Entikong RRI is currently the only radio in Entikong. CMA supply and install DAB radios as well as antenna. DAB transmitter device is a device used Gatesair VAXT-8DA and use Jampro Antenna JVD-6....Read more

  • Augst2015

    Demo Satellite

    Catur Mitra Adhikara demonstration satellite device for KU BAND Frequency band. Demonstrations conducted in Indosat precisely on Jl.Daan Mogot Km 11 West Jakarta. The demonstrations uses devices ADVENT Mantis MSAT Portable Data Terminal 90cm. This device is a portable device for tri-band satellite antenna system is designed for a hostile environment....Read more

  • Feb2014


    The NewSwift CF antenna is a highly compact for rapid deployment. The NewSwift CF design allows for two HPAs, variable power combiner, redudancy switching and two upconverters to be integrated into the antenna assembly close to the feed, thereby minimising the waveguide loss and maximising the available EIRP. The fully weatherproof RF equipment ...Read more

  • Feb2014


    Harris UAX3000AN transmitter is a analog TV transmitter air-cooled solid state with output power 3000 watt. At channel 48 Frequency 687.25 Mhz. Harris UAX3000AN consist of: TCU Controller, LPUA, LPUB, PB1,2,3,4...Read more