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  • Oct2017

    Caton Technology and PT Catur Mitra Adhikara participate in Broadcast Indonesia 2017

    Caton Technology cooperating with PT Catur Mitra Adhikara to participate in the 2017 Broadcast Indonesia Exhibition. Broadcast Indonesia 2017 was held at the Jakarta International Expo, Kemayoran. Broadcast Indonesia 2017 was held from 25 October to 27 October 2017. Caton Technology along with Catur Mitra Adhikara show live video delivery and ...Read more

  • Oct2017

    Arris Linknet

    Cable modem Arris CM820b delivers high data transfer rates on the home and business subscriber. CM820b already supports IPv6 technology. CM820B offers high data rates up to more than 300 Mbps for subscribers. Arris CM820b supports DOCSIS 3.0 technology. The Arris CM820B is also compatible with DOCSIS 1.0, 1.1, and 2.0. ...Read more

  • Sept2017

    STX 10 For Radio Elshinta

    CMA provides STX 10 Electronic Broadcast for Radio Elshinta. STX 10 is the latest solid state FM transmitter from Broadcast Electronic. STX 10 is an elegant yet simple transmitter that combines several features in one package.Transmitters today are expected to have small size and have high efficiency. ...Read more

  • Augst2017

    Digital Television Seminar

    PT Catur Mitra Adhikara held a seminar with the theme Digital Television for Indonesia. The seminar was held in collaboration between CMA and the American Embassy for Indonesia. At this seminar also attended three major companies engaged in the field of television that is Gatesair, Jampro and Harmonic. The three companies are the speakers of the seminar....Read more

  • July2017

    IVP for INTV

    CMA provides a pair of IVP-3000 for use on INTV. INTV uses IVP-3000 to transmit video from one place to another using the internet. The IVP-3000 can send and receive videos from the internet using the SMIP module...Read more

  • Sep2015

    Caton Technology Seminar

    Delivery of video files as well as live streaming video today can utilize the Internet, satellite fiber optic and other media. Such media are already used by some agencies to carry out activities in the institution. The delivery media has some constraints, namely the speed of video delivery and reability. Not only that, the cost of the use of the use these media is also high. This phenomoenon is publishing a US-based company named Caton Tehcnology to develop tehcnology as well as live streaming video at high speed, with high reliability and has a good quality via the open internet....Read more