November 2006

CMA had finished the construction of Indosiar's tower with 395 meters height. This tower has been predicated as the highest tower in Indonesia by Museum Rekor Indonesia (MURI). Tower that is located on Jl. Panjang Kebon Jeruk, West Jakarta with 375 meters height. On the top of the tower is installed antenna with 20 meters height, so entire height become 395 meters. As a comparison, this tower is equal with 2.883 times of Monas (Monas' height is 137 meters, source: and 71 meters higher than Eiffel. This television broadcast tower was manufactured by ROHN/Radian Communication and was specially designed called hybrid tower type, combination of guy wire and self supporting type. This special type was chosen to efficiency of area usage. Hybrid tower has 3 (three) legs forming triangular with distance between each leg is 56 meters and each leg has 120 meters height. At the center of the legs was placed the 375-meter-height center tower, a triangular tower with width 6.3 meters. Antenna Jampro JUHD 16-16-16-8 was placed on the top of the tower and was designed to be able to broadcast 3 (three) television channels simultaneously. Nowadays it is still used for broadcasting 1 (one) Indosiar channel with power up to 320 kW using 4 times 6" rigid line transmission. After the completion of Indosiar's tower and antenna construction, CMA will progress on construction of tower, antenna and transmission line project for RCTI Surabaya. The tower height is 260 meters with antenna's height 15 meters, so total height reaches 275 meters.

CMA telah membangun tower tertinggi di Indonesia untuk Indosiar. CMA telah membangun tower tertinggi di Indonesia untuk Indosiar. Tower yang terletak di jl panjang, kebon jeruk Jakarta Barat ini memiliki tinggi total 395 mtr (tinggi tower 375 mtr dan tinggi span antena 20 mtr). Sebagai perbandingan, tinggi tower ini adalah 2,883 kali dari tinggi monas (tinggi monas 137 mtr - sumber:, dan 71 mtr lebih tinggi dari menara eifel. Tower pemancar televisi buatan ROHN/Radian Communication ini memiliki bentuk khusus yakni hybrid tower, yang merupakan gabungan antara guy wire tower dan self supporting tower. Bentuk khusus ini bisa mengefisienkan penggunaan lahan. Bidang kaki luar tower yang berbentuk segitiga memiliki lebar 56 mtr dan tinggi 120 mtr. Sedangkan bagian center tower setinggi 375 mtr berbentuk segi tiga dengan bidang 6,3 mtr. Di puncak tower setinggi 375 mtr dipasang antena televisi setinggi 20 mtr. Antenna Jampro JUHD 16-16-16-8 ini, dirancang untuk power sebesar 320KW. Sedangkan tansmission line-nya menggunakan 4 kali rigid line 6". Di dalam gedung pemancar, juga telah diinstall combiner, yang dimungkinkan untuk memancarkan 3 ch televisi sekaligus. Dengan suksesnya pembangunan tower beserta antena dan transmission line ini, selanjutnya CMA akan membangun tower beserta antena dan transmission line untuk RCTI Surabaya. Yang akan menggunakan tower setinggi 260 mtr dan span antena setinggi 15 mtr, sehingga tinggi total 275 mtr.

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